Pikcio develops GDPR compliant blockchain customer data exchange platform

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Pikcio has developed a customer data exchange platform on its own custom built, fully GDPR compliant blockchain, that seamlessly solves all these issues. The company says that customer data is the internet’s new currency. For companies, collecting, authenticating and protecting their customers data is an effort amounting to billions of dollars each year. Traditional data handling solutions are not built with newly implemented, data protection legislation like GDPR in mind, resulting in an increase of processing costs and time as well as poor customer satisfaction and ROI.

Pikcio is able to offer 100% digital native solutions for every organization facing complex processes to collect, verify and classify customer data.

For businesses, our fully GDPR compliant, customer data exchange has many benefits: It is customizable, it permits companies to benefit from a non-invasive infrastructure, a reduced third-party dependence and a stronger, faster & cheaper user identification. It eliminates redundancies & enhances data collaboration across departments and business lines.

Pikciochain is a data agnostic platform, in order to manage and handle a wide range of use cases and products. It handles both corporate and personal data. The first solutions have been developed in the banking, insurance and health care sectors. However, Pikciochain is an open platform where every corporation can create its own solution.

As an example, for the banking & insurance sectors, our shared ledger platform benefits all stakeholders by :

  • Enabling greater transparency: Immutable ledger that enables sharing of KYC information across banks
  • Reducing operational inefficiencies: Reduces customer onboarding time by 50-75 percent and enhances customer experience
  • Ensuring up-to-date customer data: A single source for customer data reduces potential for fraud.

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