‘UAE is very receptive to new technology and willing to experiment’

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Omniflow, a Portugal-based company, is making waves in the UAE, for its range of innovative smart energy solutions. These generate power with wind and solar energies, which are then used to power different applications and devices such as streetlights, Wi-Fi, security and surveillance cameras, and the like. The advantage is that these power units are compact, and seamlessly integrate all technology into it, so they don’t appear bulky or heavy, and are in fact,  pleasing to the eye as well. Its Founder & CEO Pedro Ruao was in the country recently, to promote its latest range of products and services, particularly the OmniLED.

“OmniLED is a carbon neutral product which helps power consuming appliances to save power and generate revenue from different applications. It is a smart energy platform with built-in energy storage which turns renewable energy into IoT, smart lighting, surveillance or telecom services,” Ruao said.

“Its unique design blends advanced aerodynamics with a simple geometry, allowing continuous operation even in urban scenarios. PV cells cover the top surface of the design-patented shroud, while its distinctive geometry based on an inverted wing shaped airfoil directs the free wind stream from any direction to a diffuser, hence promoting a speed up effect into a central wind turbine. Sourced energy is stored in a shroud-enclosed battery bank that serves as a platform for a number of additional services. All functionalities are accessible via Omniflow’s web-based Monitor and Control platform,” he added.

Although the Capex cost for the OmniLED could be slightly high, it offers great value for money and saves significant amounts of energy, Ruao said.

“This is the first time we’re here in the Middle East, although we are present in over 22 countries such as US, China and Europe. The Middle East market, especially the UAE, is very tuned in to new technology, is receptive and willing to experiment, and becoming very, very ‘smart’,” he added. 



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