Flipboard security breach leaks critical user details and information

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Flipboard has said that a security breach has led to the leak of usernames, email addresses, and protected passwords accessed by hackers.

Company officials said that between June 2018 and April 2019, attackers gained unauthorized access to the Flipboard database and “potentially obtained copies” of some databases. However, it has not yet shared details on how many accounts were compromised.

The database included critical information such as usernames, names, email addresses, and passwords, but the passwords were salted and hashed, which means they weren’t in plain text and would be difficult to crack. Also within the database were digital tokens used to connect Flipboard to third party services like Twitter or Facebook.

Flipboard is now resetting all user passwords and replacing or deleting all digital tokens. Which basically means that If you have connected Flipboard to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you will need to reconnect.

Flipboard says it has implemented “enhanced security measures” and that law enforcement officials have been notified about the breach. The company recommends that users who use the same username and password for Flipboard and all other accounts, should change their passwords across the board, to prevent further damage.


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