Proofpoint showcases people-centric cybersecurity solutions at GITEX

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Proofpoint made its presence felt at GITEX by showcasing its portfolio of people-centric cybersecurity solutions that protect an organisation’s greatest assets and biggest risks: their people.

Threat actors are increasingly targeting the human factor: in fact, 99% of today’s targeted cyberattacks are human activated. These attacks rely on a person at the other end to open a weaponised document, click on an unsafe link, type their credentials, or even carry out the attacker’s commands directly (such as wiring money or sending sensitive files).

These highly targeted, socially engineered attacks rely in cybercriminals identifying who inside a company has access to the information they want and tricking unsuspecting employees through email, cloud apps, and social media channels. Against this ever-evolving threat landscape, it is vital that organisations, not just in the Middle East, but globally, recognise the importance of the human factor threat.

“Cybercriminals relentlessly target the people who will provide the most lucrative pay-out and that’s why we are committed to delivering innovative people-centric security and training solutions that ensure an organisation’s most attacked people are protected,” Emile Abou Saleh, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa for Proofpoint. “We continue to invest in the Middle East and are excited for our participation at GITEX. The week represents a cornerstone in the Middle East cybersecurity events calendar, and a fantastic opportunity to educate partners, customers and prospects on the cyber risks facing employees today”.

Frost & Sullivan recently recognised Proofpoint as the Global Email Security Market Leader for the fifth consecutive year.

Some of the solutions that Proofpoint showcased include aspects of its Security Awareness Training, which engages employees and arms them against real-world cyberattacks, using personalised security awareness training and customised phishing simulation, based on Proofpoint’s industry-leading threat intelligence, Proofpoint Email Protection which protects against the number one threat vector, including malware-free threats such as impostor email, or business email compromise, Proofpoint Advanced Threat Protection which stops threats before they reach employees and responds quickly when things do go wrong.

Proofpoint’s innovative advanced threat protection products prevent, detect, and notify organisations of advanced threats—and helps resolve them before they cause lasting harm, and Proofpoint Cloud App Security which enables organisations to  detect, investigate, and defend against cybercriminals accessing sensitive data and trusted accounts.

Recently, Proofpoint announced two industry-first innovations – enhanced URL isolation based on user risk profiles and new training customization, both of which were showcased at GITEX.


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